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Its nice to see you are back, i hope your leave wasnt due to the amount of requests about your games, and i do hope everything is well, and of course, take care in the future as well :D

can you make this html


is there coming to be a update to this game?


Does anyone know why his Twitter and DA are gone?


damn, i hope the creator isnt gone for good, he was one of the best that ive ever need ;-;


yeah I hope so to these games have a lot of potential. Maybe the creator got too stressed out while working on it and decided to take a break.


Thats fair, it just worries me when a creator deletes all there accounts. I can totally understand wanting a break, especially if they are being hounded about updates and requests. Just hope they come back at some point, and i hope they take as long as a break as is needed cos god knows they deserve it.


I think the creator left. Their twitter, patreon, and deviantart have been either deleted or banned.


Wish it was free

it is free, just a beta so far from what I can tell. Most likely will cost money when finished

Wonder when this'll be updated.

Yes me too

Great game! Loved it and Pokeshrink as well.
Would love to know the music used in this game because it sounds great. Thank you

Please,I want play new!


How do I play with a rar file ? ... Can somebody help me please ?

You need to extract it using a program like WinZip (cost money) or 7zip (free), use one of the programs to extract the rar file into to a folder and then just launch the .exe file.

for some reason the game wont work for me it just says failed to load mono can i get some help  

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I did everything on the checklist, the game was cool but there was a glitch where it unintentionally started the Sonia quest dialog, not sure if that was supposed to happen or if it was a bug, I also cannot wait for the update for PokeShrink and MicroHero,

P.S don't read Japanese manga, wait and all you will have is a surprise, trust me, people who have read the MHA or Pokemon manga already knew what was going to happen in an entire episode, also keep up the good work MicroMancy!

how do you get onto the tables as a tiny? I've tried everything I can think of. I tried shrinking while standing on them but it either places me on the ground or clips me under the map.

I haven't had any issues shrinking on the tables. I'm usually full size, jump on the bench, then table, and then shrink.

Is it because I'm playing on a laptop?

i really liked and enjoyed the game, and i dont mean to be too eager or rude but just wondering whens the new update coming ^^


This game was so fun! wow i can tell you worked hard on it man, keep up the good work !

Thank you very much :)

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loved the game I really liked being able to shrink anywhere I want, I can’t wait to see the vore and feet scenes, im looking forward to seeing more of this game in the future! and a question will we see more of Pokeshrink? 

Glad you like it so much, for Pokeshrink more is coming, I don't know when I'll be able to get around to adding more things especially enough to warrant a new release but for sure new stuff will be coming :)

I love it when, in the normal size, Camie's heels make a sound of normal heels and when you shrink you hear huge boom sound near them. I hope to see more walking characters like Camie in future!

Thanks for making these awesome games! :D

You can use the same words I used in my comment about PokeShrink for this game as well.

Even though it's just the beginning, I see a lot of potential for this game! Do you think any other girls will be added?

Yes when the next update is out I'll be adding Momo and hopefully a few others :) thanks for playing.

Found a weird bugged prompt by the counter that asks me to press e to shrink but after hitting e and being able to duplicate this occurrence multiple times, it seems to be non-functioning. I'm guessing you originally wanted the shrink/grow functions to trigger by interacting with the counter? I've also spent a lot of time trying to get behind the counter lol. No luck so far.

Also wanted to ask what the yellow pads on the floor were for. There's a couple in this I can't interact with.

I loved the Pokemon Game, and I'm sure I'll love this too! Keep at it! Sent you 10 bucks for the download!

Thanks you so much, incredibly generous. I hope you have as much fun playing as I did making it, and I hopefully you'll love the game :)

I enjoyed it for the most part, but personally I enjoyed the pokemon one somewhat more, since I personally don't really like nude erotic type cutscenes. Still great though, and I'd love to see more! A Naruto based game would be cool!

Thats fair, I will still be working on that one I'll hopefully have something to share will y'all soon

Great to hear! I really enjoy both takes on the shrinking, both the shrinking machine in the Pokemon one, or the ability to shrink wherever like the MHA one. Looking forward to the future games!

Very interesting. I hope in future updates we can go into the bathroom to interact with Midnight. And I can't seem to get onto the table to interact with Mt. Lady's burger. There's a climbing thing to get onto her chair, but not onto her table and unlike Kendo's table, you just fall through it.

I managed to parkour onto the table and then into her burger, but like with the Kendo interaction it just says "Hasn't been implemented yet."

I'm sure there'll be something in the next update.

Cute fun lil game~ Would love to see some unaware stuff in the bathroom, like hopping into one of those toilets maybe? One can dream.. Love the characters you've got here too! Love the dialogue you've got for each of them.

Neat game! Thanks for putting it together.

One thing - I can't seem to get the titjob scene to trigger. After selecting the dialog choice, nothing happens.

After you have have had the discussion with camie you need to go to the bathroom door then you can initiate the scene hope this helps :)

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So… I think I got an NPC from the other game somehow…

There's also this…


Whoops yea I forgot to remove the sample text from the game lol. Also whats the problem with the second screenshot?

One of the goals is to unzip her uniform all the way.

I assumed that would be achieved by progressing past the dialogue in the second screenshot; which is impossible due to the lack of any options to select in order to progress the conversation.

Speaking of which… is it possible to include a control customizer?

I'd like to move with the arrow keys and navigate menus with the numpad, if possible.


i gonna try the game, your preview game of pokemón are so cool :D

Sounds interesting.