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I would love one last update. It could even be an anniversary update if it get it in april.  I wonder if this game became open source. Could we pump out community updates like TF2?

correction no update for a year now oof

When is it coming for Android


The creator might be dead.

no update for months :/


Welp i am afraid the this game is dead.

Amazing game! Hope to se more in the future. If you need ideas, let me know. I may or may not have a few in a day or two. I have one right now, but I don't know if you need suggestions so let me know if so man! Keep up the great work!


I would like if Klara was included in the next update

Don't know if its me or it's still just loading the models as pink. 

Try updating your graphic card drivers

Every other unity game doesnt load pink. its something wrong with this one.

First of all, thank you so much for creating this game.
I created an account on just to say how much I enjoyed this game.

I'm really anxious to seeing future updates.

No worries I'm glad you like it :) I'm happy to know I'm the dev that made you want to make an account.

Amazing Game! I hope that in the future there will be more characters like Nessa that move freely around the map, more possibilities to get stepped on while walking as tiny.

looking forward to the next update!

Amazing game! I really like how you can shrink yourself and move around, and the cutscenes are really nice! I'm interested to see more! 

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I understand that the fact that we are begging to see the return of PokeShrink, the unfortunate and most important thing is that time is of the essence and patience is a virtue, so if we wait long enough maybe we will get a comment from the dev of PokeShrink discussing some minor details because major details would be too much because then your just leaking information about the game and what's going to be added into the game in future updates, for now it would be best not to ask the dev for further information,

As Usual, Stay Golden,                                                                              BenFrankly

I agree let's not ask for as many days as possible and maybe "JUST" maybe he/she might release the update, after all, the hard working game devs have to take their time when putting together a phenomenal masterpiece like this, am I right?


i'd say we shouldn't put pressure on him and be patient

Next update comes out when the heavy update is out

Question Of The Day: To All Testers, When Do You Think The Next Update Will Be Released?

New update??

but also include the sunscreen quest in the v1.2 update, I want to continue the game as much I would like

I will hopefully release an update that'll feature that cutscene soon but right now I'm currently focusing on some other things right now, thanks for your lost lasting hopes for this game :)

can we at least get a tiny update to fix the cake being unreachable

When I get around to releasing the next update I probably won't have that animation in the game as I broke Sonias character and the animation was lost so I will need to renaninate it unfortunatly.

some bad events sometimes lead to a really good thing 
who knows maybe the new animation becomes even better than the last one :D

That's what I'm hoping for.

I have played the testing demo, the V1 and V1.1, and yet no update, where is it? "Benjamin asked"

also i am excited to see what updates are going to be released,

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actually forget i asked i found her

where did you found her?

do you know where i can find the team rocket girl? i looked everywhere and i couldn't find her, send me a video of how to get to the team rocket girl

I'm relieved to hear the game wasn't abandoned, honestly so depressing with how many creators in the gts scene up and vanish. 

its been 2 months since the last update, is this really good game with high potential really's been abandoned ?


Hello, I haven't abandoned the game entirely after the previous update I made some progress but after running into some issues I stopped, but I do plan to continue it when I have time to do so, thanks for playing and showing interest in this project with your conpliment. :)

Do you have any time frame of when you'll be able to continue this masterpiece

when will the next update be im really excited this game is good

All it does is show pink instead of the models 


Can someone help me I'm having problems opening the game?

Add Avery! Maybe some anal stuff.

Seconded, I'd love to see some internal stuff around there!

I found the team Rocket girl! Could you make a scene inside her boot? And where can I find the suncream for Sarah?


Don't think there is any. I looked all over and if you look at the mission updates it is still in progress. All you can do is bounce on her butt.

Hey, I can't climb the diving board to jump in Nessa's water presumably due to the realistic jumping update.

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i found the GO grunt, can you please make a looped insole scene :o looking forward to the latest update

It's a good game, but it seems that the jump height is just too shy of reaching the top of the cake.
Can't wait to see future updates!

Excellent update to the outside!

Thanks for playing again and making another video :)


were is the sun screen?

Everything is pink except the grass.

what do I do to fix?

Found the rocket girl. She is teeny how cute!

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